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Zika Preparedness

An increasing volume of news reports make it clear the Zika Virus is a concern both for our employees and guests to our destination. I want to assure each industry partner that Experience Kissimmee remains aware of these news reports and of the potential impact these reports may have on our tourism industry and quality of life.  

We think our sensible approach for now is to continue participating in regular  communications with local, state and federal agencies so that we remain educated and informed on new developments related to the virus.  This will aid us to taking appropriate steps to educate and inform our local industry, travel partners and visitors around the world should the Zika virus impact us more directly.  

There are reported cases of Zika in our destination and region but fortunately none of them are locally acquired.  This suggests local mosquito abatement and prevention efforts are working.  As such we support the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and other agencies that our industry partners take steps at the workplace and at home to further negate a widespread dissemination of this mosquito-borne virus.  Simple steps such as eliminating standing water at our businesses and homes, using insect repellant and covering our skin when outdoors will help retard mosquito bites.

We should all heed and practice such preventive measures.  Please click on this link which contains a host of information about the virus, its symptoms, and other useful information.

In the meantime, please know that Experience Kissimmee stands ready to do whatever necessary to further ensure the health and safety of our employees and visitors.



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