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Experience Kissimmee Partner Code of Ethics

To preserve the reputation of the destination, to promote tourism throughout the Kissimmee, Florida area and to guide our actions in business, we hereby promise to abide by the Experience Kissimmee (EK) Partner Code of Ethics that values the following:

  1. In support of Experience Kissimmee’s family-friendly destination brand, applications considered for tourism partnership must be suitable for all members of the family and not be considered inappropriate for children. Inappropriate products include those that depict nudity, sex, high violence, profanity, ethnic slurs, drug use, and racism.
  2. All partners must provide a clean, well-maintained and safe place of business; ensure that guests feel welcome and encourage them to return at a future date.
  3. Provide visitors with exceptional customer service to ensure customer satisfaction, information on other products, services, attractions when requested and treat all other partners of Experience Kissimmee courteously, ethically and professionally.
  4. Ensure familiarity with the destination’s attractions and the locations of the EK office as well as the Osceola County Visitor and Welcome Center.
  5. Handle all inquiries, requests, transactions, correspondence and complaints promptly and fairly, and abide by all applicable federal, state and municipal laws.
  6. Must have all EK invoices up to date to participate in any EK Sales Missions, trade shows and to advertise in publications and on website.
  7. Exercise truth in all promotional materials concerning business, services, and/or amenities provided, and advise the public in a reasonable manner if and when unable to provide the level of services or facilities as advertised. EK reserves the right edit all partner info (copy, images, special offers)
  8. Promotional materials supplied to Experience Kissimmee must be appropriate for all audiences. Refusal to display or publish a partner’s promotional material is at Experience Kissimmee’s sole discretion.

It is the policy of EK to investigate all complaints that a partner has acted in contravention of the Experience Kissimmee Code of Ethics including engagement by partner businesses or their employees in acts of impropriety or the appearance of impropriety or in any conduct that might adversely affect the well-being and reputation of Experience Kissimmee or prove detrimental to the goals of Experience Kissimmee and its destination marketing efforts. If it is determined that a partner has so acted, partnership with Experience Kissimmee may be suspended/expelled, in accordance with our Bylaws.


Take charge of how your company is presented to the worldwide traveling public looking to stay and play in Kissimmee.


Marketing Opportunities

Campaigns, programs and promotional activities that introduce Kissimmee to new potential visitors and keep the destination top of mind for repeat visitors are developed and planned by Experience Kissimmee.